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Concrete is a composite material that consists essentially of a binding medium within which are embedded particles or fragments of aggregates, usually a combination of fine aggregates and coarse aggregates; in Portland-cement concrete, the binder is a mixture of a Portland-cement and water, ith or without admixtures

In order to determine the quality of concrete on site, it shall undergo quality tests. Here are 6 common quality tests that we follow on concrete before and after completion of casting on site.

Slump test before leaving the batching plant and on arrival on site

This is to determine the workability of concrete in terms of slump test. After batching the concrete, a sample of fresh concrete shall be taken to test for slump tests and the samples for compressive strength test be taken too. This is to make sure that the batched concrete is complying with the mix design before it’s released from the batching plant.

Upon arrival on site, a sample of fresh concrete shall be tested with slump test again, but temperature shall be checked with the calibrated thermometer before hand. Three cubes or cylinders of samples shall be taken for compressive strength tests, these will be the samples from the site.

Compressive strength test

Three samples of cubes or cylinders shall be taken for compressive strength test, but it is not commonly three samples, sometimes it is two depend on the specification. You might ask why sometimes there is extra of one sample? Good that you asked. This one sample extra shall be tested “if!” the two cubes or cylinders samples are tested from the three and if it is failed and the remaining sample is passed. If the consultant is not satisfied with the result (definitely not!) and he wishes to test the extra one. It shall be tested in 60 days.

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Water Permeability test

A water permeability test is one of the tests to determine the durability of concrete. Three cubes shall be taken from fresh concrete and tested in accordance to the German Standard DIN 1048 at 28 days age. This kind of test shall be taken from substructures concrete elements like foundations, concrete water tank, retaining wall etc.

Rapid Chloride Ion Penetration Test
Water Absorption Test
Initial Surface Absorption Test


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